New Home Owner Re-Fi for the rest of us Homeowners!

It seemed like every refinance program out there rewards everyone except for responsible homeowners!
That's why We're SO excited to offer a Fed backed refinance program especially designed to give some relief.
There are restrictions, but it's a great start in the right direction.

You can refinance up to 105% loan to value on your home however, homes owning more than the present net worth may still be able to refinance. You don't have to have or take out a new Mortgage insurance policy. Higher debt ratios and decreases in wages and/or revenue may still qualify too!

In some cases appraisal may be waived. And in some cases we may be able to do no points and/or no fees. Here are the hard and fast restrictions:

The existing loan must be a fannie mae loan and you cannot have been financed after march 2009. AND you had to have been diligent in paying mortgage on time.

If you, or someone you know, can be helped by this program, give us a call!. We'll be posting updates on our blog or our facebook page!


GREAT news for First Time Home Buyers!

UPDATE: We closed our first project in October! Check out the photos on our blog or our facebook page!

At Asian Pacific, we have unique bank relationships that create special opportunities which are not available through traditional channels. If you or somebody you may know is interested in purchasing a new home, please give us a call. We'll be happy to explain this new and limited time program.

Last month we were proud to announce our new First Time Home Buyer Program because we're continuously looking for new ways to serve the community. Our program helps rehabilitate properties to help restore and sustain the safety and beauty of neighborhoods.

Since then, we've been able to put our plans in action. Our First Time Home Buyer Program creates an synergy between Chase Bank, our core investors and first time home buyers.

We're sure you've heard of other first time home buying programs which offer funding, but do not protect the first time home buyer from getting out bid by investors buying up homes in their price range.

Many First Time Home Buyers are outbid by investors scooping up homes as soon as they are available on the open market. Our program allows the first time home buyer to select from homes which are not yet on the market, collaborate with the renovation team, and lock in their contract before the homes are ready to list.

Our Mission at The Asian Pacific Revolving Loan Fund

Our Mission at The Asian Pacific Revolving Loan Fund is to empower and equip small businesses to gain access to capital from mainstream financial entities. The Asian Pacific Revolving Loan Fund of Los Angeles is a non-profit public benefit corporation that was formed in 1995. We were established to provide business and commercial financing to borrowers that could not secure financing through traditional main stream banks.

We serve minority small business owners through funding

We leveraged our understanding of the banking industry with that of the Asian and other minority communities to establish a loan fund with an outstanding reputation among community lenders, governmental agencies, the private banking sector and our target populations.

Due to the recent tightening of credit that began in late 2007 by the banking industry, we have expanded our scope and now offer business consulting services which include negotiating with lenders to secure financing and debt settlement and workout.

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