Board Member
Our Board Members have proven experience and are industry leaders in Finance, Construction, Planning, Green Technology and Economic Development:

 greenbuildingprofessionalMaurice Rosas, is a Board Member of the Asian Pacific Revolving Loan Fund.

Maurice “Maury” Rosas is the Vice President/Advisor of 9Vision International.

Maury developed his strong experience in the telecommunications industry while employed at the executive level at two fortune 100 companies in California.  As Vice President and General Manager, he was the architect of Pacific Bell’s strategic implementation plan offering customer service in different languages throughout the state.  His statewide strategic business unit became the top producer in the state accounting for most of the new access line gain in California between 1989 and 1993.  In 1994, he was offered the position of President of Sprint Corporation’s Hispanic marketing company, La Conexion Familia, focusing on the Spanish speaking market with responsibility in the USA and Mexico.

After working for Sprint, Mr. Rosas served as President for a start up Network Company in Orange, California. He spent 3 years as president and followed that experience with another start up company in Northern California, Cyperion, Inc. a biometrics company that offered thumb and finger print authentication over the Internet. 

He joined 9Vision, Communications, Inc. in January 2004, utilizing his strong communications skills and managerial expertise to assist the founder in building personal and company leadership capabilities, strategic planning and finally, launching its product lines in Asia.

Mr. Rosas has been a strong advocate for building high performing teams everywhere he has served including, business, governmental, educational, philanthropic and community groups or organizations to enhance their capabilities in the successful achievements of their stated goals.  He has focused a lot of his efforts toward improving the educational experience for Hispanics and has been a keynote speaker at many events in this area.

His belief that people have to be a part of the process rather than apart from it, drives his passion toward empowering our younger generations to greater expectations of themselves by being involved early in the policy discussions that will affect their lives.

In the past, Mr. Rosas has been honored by many organizations including United Way of America, Latino Business Association, and by Hispanic Business Magazine as one of the Top 100 Hispanics in the country.  In addition, he served in leadership board positions on The Valley Industry and Commerce Association, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, The Hispanic Women’s Council, National Association of Women Business Owners, San Fernando Valley Economic Development Council and United Way among other community based, business, and philanthropic organizations.